Dr. Carrie L. Tyler
Assistant Professor
Miami University, Oxford, Ohio


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Dr. Tyler's research featured in the Deep Sea News! Take a look a their article "Celebrity Wax Sculptures for Snails"

Read the original paper published in the Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom here:

Ancient marine food webs
Processes governing the distribution, paleoecology, and evolution of marine invertebrates
The role of taphonomy and the fidelity of the fossil record in the development of macro-evolutionary and macro-ecological models
The application and development of quantitative paleontological methods
Macroscale evolutionary patterns and changes in ecosystem structure through geologic time
Morphometrics and functional morphology of marine invertebrates
Quantitative estimates of higher-taxon fidelity
Spatial variation in predation pressure and encounter rates: energy and onshore-offshore gradients